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I would never have described myself as adventurous. Yet, here I am, living on a boat, on my way to the Caribbean for the winter. That is getting perilously close to an adventure, isn’t it?

My spirit animal is a cat. My beverage of choice is tea, hot or iced. And my favorite activities are reading and writing.

None of that sounds adventurous, does it?

Yet when my husband suggested we take a year sabbatical, and sail our boat south for the winter, I said I’d think about it, and then…I said yes.

I readily admit he bribed me. I have this year to write, and that is certainly a carrot that worked on me. I’ve got more ideas for stories in my head that I have time to write. The tantalizing possibility of having more time that what I can squeeze in on evenings and weekends was irresistible.

But was that all?

I’ve done a few things with his nudging. He started me on the path to running a marathon. He didn’t make it past a half marathon himself, but after we got that far, I was able to recruit a friend and finally completed a marathon. Not fast, but I wasn’t dead at the end, and I did it.

But even before I was married, if I think back that far (we’re coming on 34 years of marriage, so it takes some reaching) I did do some adventurous things.

In high school, I decided to pay for the riding lessons my parents couldn’t afford from my part-time job - and then bought a horse.

I chose to get my degree in the US. I knew no one at the school I chose - just went on my own. And when I was offered a teaching job in Manitoba, a 30 hour drive from home, where again I didn’t know anyone, I went.

So, maybe I’m not the stick in the mud I think I am. Maybe I say yes when my husband comes up with these ideas because there’s a part of me that is adventurous.

Maybe we all have a bit of that adventurous spirit in us…and just need the right nudge to step out.

What’s your adventure?

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