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Last day to enter the Amazon gift card giveaway!


I'm technically challenged, but that link should give you the chance to enter the giveaway. You just have to visit my website, or follow me on Twitter, or find the book on Goodreads, or a couple of other options to enter. There are almost 1500 entries now, and it closes tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who participated. This is a whole new process for me, and I'm not sure I've done it right. As well, a snowstorm on the east coast cut power, and seems to have messed up with the planned tour. Still, a lot of lovely people have posted about my book, tweeted about it, reviewed it, and helped to make me feel that it's not the worst book ever. I appreciate it all.

If you do read the book, let me know what you think. I have another book out in May, and I'm working on some future books that hopefully will also be out there, but I know I have a lot to learn and want to improve.

Again, thanks so much.

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