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It's Launch Day!

I'm not talking about books here, though I do have one coming out this week. But yesterday was the day we launched the boats from our club out of the metal cradles they live in for the winter, and drop them into their native environment, the water.

If you aren't a boater, and you don't live in a cold climate, this might be news. But here in Ontario, Canada, the water freezes in the winter, so we can't leave our boats in the harbour. Every fall, we have the saddest day of the year when all the boats are put away for the winter. It's especially hard if we're having a beautiful fall. Since the crane is booked well in advance, sailing ends a week or so before the crane comes. We have to take down the masts, and prepare the boats for Haul Out. 

But this is the spring. At least, by the calendar it is: you wouldn't know it by the weather we've been having. The crane was at our club on Saturday, and as you can see, Sayonara, our 38.5 Beneteau First, is now in the water.

It really is an incredible sight. These huge boats, weighing thousands of pounds, are pivoted around like toys. This weekend there were four cranes among the three clubs in our harbour, all picking up and dropping boats. It's surreal the first time you see it.

There's still a lot to do. Sayonara is a sailboat, but currently has no mast up. The mast has to be prepared, then carefully reattached to the boat using the club's mast crane. The boat has to be rigged, and the sails attached. I'm fortunate because my spouse takes that on, and I only have to assist in a few tasks. Then, assuming the weather warms up at some point, we'll be able to enjoy sailing our boat on the lake again.

We have something special planned for this fall, but I can't reveal it publicly yet. I'll just give a hint: we put new, salt water paint on the bottom of the boat this spring. (And by we, I mean he.)

Yay!  The boats are launched!  Sailing season can begin!


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