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How do you rank books?

On websites, they have a star system. I don't know exactly how everyone defines their star rating. I'm pretty sure people tend to mostly be generous, and when someone is rating my book, I appreciate it, but it doesn't always answer the most vital question.

I'm an avid reader. I read fast, and I read often. I read enough that I cannot afford my book habit without a library. I read a lot of books from the library, mostly ebooks, because it's not easy to get to the library and get books returned on time. As well, the books I want are mostly at other branches or on hold, so ebooks work really well for me.

So here's how I rank books. It's not so much about the quality of the book, because there are really good books that aren't going to get to my top ranking. It's all about my own taste.

First, there are books I don't even bother with. Some are the ones you know you should read, but it's more of a chore. Reading for me is down time. I want to have fun. Some of these books include ones written by authors I like, but they aren't a genre I enjoy. For example, paranormal doesn't do it for me, so those I just pass by.

Second, the ones I don't finish. Sometimes I'll flip to the back (I know, but if I just want to know how the story ends but don't enjoy the trip to get there, I will flip.) Sometimes, I just don't care enough to even check out that last page. 

Third are the ones I enjoy. I read the whole book, maybe skimming a bit here and there because I'm terrible about not stopping a book till I'm done and I have to get to sleep sometime, but I'm in on the whole journey. I like these books. I'll read more by that author, put them on hold at the library.

Fourth are the books that I buy. I've probably borrowed them from the library, and I loved the world that the author has created. Those books I buy because I'll read and reread them. I don't flip to the end, because what I love is the characters, the language, the whole voyage to get to the end. Okay, on the fourth reading, I might skip a bit here and there, because by now I know the book. I know where the bits are that I swoon over. And if I only have a few minutes to read, I might go straight to my favorite part and just read that. 

I'm going to share some of that fourth group, the ones I like to live in. I'm lucky, there are a lot of books in that group, and I don't own them all. I follow the authors on twitter, find out when they have a new release or one goes on sale, and bit by bit I'm building up my library. If you have some you love to live in, let me know - I'm always looking for a new world to escape to.


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