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Night passage

Last Thursday we finally left Shelter Bay Marina in Colon, and headed toward Bocas. We did an overnight passage to Escudo de Veraguas.

Escudo de Veraguas was beautiful, but the overnight passage to get there was also amazing.

I’m not always a fan of overnight passages, because I am a big fan of sleeping 8 hours straight. With two people on a boat, travelling means spelling off shifts. At night, shifts are three hours, because it’s dark, you’re tired, and you need to be alert to spot things that aren’t on the charts - like other boats.

This passage, though, was short, under power so easier to manage (I always worry about the sails when we have them up and it’s my watch) and it was a beautiful night.

I had headphones on, bopping to music, and after every song doing a check for other objects. To my right, there were sheets of heat lightning, far enough away to provide beauty without danger. Overhead, without a moon, the stars were incredible. Close, bright, and possibly different from home. I didn’t have internet to check, but this close to the equator? I’m pretty sure there were constellations we don’t get in Canada.

Definitely needed a nap the next day, but it was a chance to experience a beauty I normally sleep through. I do like my eight hours, but once in a long while…

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